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Pleasure Mapping

One of the great joys of sex is knowing how to give pleasure to your partner.  Most of us have a fair idea of what works but if you want to discover all your partner’s erogenous zones and what turns them on, try this exercise recommended by Dr. Kenneth Ray Stubbs, author of Erotic Passions.


Have your partner lie down on his or her back.  They should be comfortable and warm enough.

Blindfold them to increase the intensity of sensations.

Beginning at the top, explore every part of his or her body.  Use your fingers, nails, hands, mouth, tongue, teeth and breath.

Vary the kind of stimulation and pressure from light to painful.

After each type of stimulation, your partner scores it on a scale from 0 to 3 with 0 meaning it doesn’t do anything special.

This exercise should give you a catalogue of all your partner’s hot spots. Take your time and enjoy it.

Don’t avoid any part of the body!  An ex of mine helped me discover I love having my ankles bitten.

Odd, I know but very good and not something I would never have guessed myself.

Toys for Boys

I just took a delivery of the Pandora Vibrating Prostate massager today. The reviews for this are generally really good so I’m curious to see how it works.

Strangely enough, it was easy enough to find a guinea pig to take part in the experiment.

Full details should be in HP soon.


Bad Sex

Of course I am great in bed and of course you are too! That’s why we can admit that sometimes sex goes wrong. Or that things don’t flow in the normal sensual manner. On rare occasions this might be your own fault, but more likely it’s them… Well, duh!

There are as many ways to ensure sex is a less than stellar experience. Here’s some common ones: Continue reading

Agent Provocateur

Check out the Agent Provocateur ad campaign here:


After the buzz caused by Kate Moss in their last ad campaign AP have no doubt decided to go for broke with this campaign which features tabloid favourite Peaches Geldof and It girl Daisy Lowe. Nicely done though. Kind of like The Story of O meets Hammer Horror.

Also check out the new video they’ve got Mike Figgis to direct for them!

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