Monthly Archives: August 2008

Sex Toys Awards

LoveHoney has just released the list of the 2008 Sex Toy award winners. Here they are.

Overall Winner – The Fun Factory Delight


It looks pretty but costs a whopping £99.99!  Hmmm… think I’ll wait till someone sends me one. And yes, that was a hint.


Best for Orgasms – Jessica Rabbit 2.0

JessicaThe Jessica is one of the top selling rabbit vibes and a worthy winner. I have one of these and totally love it. Highly recommended.


SSBBest Value – Tracey Cox SuperSex Bullet

I have one of these as well and am fond of it, but not as fond as I am of the Jessica. Still, it’s a nicer looking toy.


Best for the Bath – Ultra 7 Waterproof Hummer Rabbit Vibrator

Designed to stimulate your G-spot and clitoris and can be used in the bath.

Best for Couples – Durex Play Touch Finger Vibrator

Tiny, discreet and cheap. The vibrations are mild so it’s perfect if you don’t want anything too intense and good to use with a partner as it is disposable.

One-Night Stands – Opinions Please!

Hey all

You might have read about a recent survey that found that 80 percent of men feel good about themselves after  a one-night stand, but only 54 percent of women do. According to Professor Anne Campbell of Durham University who conducted the survey women may feel guilty ‘used’ after a one-night stand. Anyway, men and women of Ireland – I’m curious to know what you think.

Do you enjoy one-night stands? Or find them a bit of a letdown?

Are they more exciting or less fulfilling than a regular partner?

Any really good or really bad experiences?

What are the pros and cons?

Ever had a one-night stand you really regret, and if so, why?

What are your Do’s and Don’ts before/during/after a one-night stand?

Anything else?