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Safe Swiss Sex for Euro 2008

A more enlightened country than our own, prostitution is legal in Switzerland. Sex workers register with city authorities and get regular health checks, protecting both them and their clients. As with all sports tournaments, a lot of business is expected to take place during Euro 2008 so the Swiss Aids Federation has printed a series of postcards to remind customers that sex workers deserve politeness, respect and cleanliness.

sex worker

More importantly, contact details are available should a customer suspect a sex worker is in forced prostitution.

It’s easy to be cynical about the postcard idea, but still, it certainly can’t hurt to remind people that those in the sex industry, like anybody providing a service, deserve to be treated in a respectful manner.

More Blowjob Madness…

Something must be happening out there, but I keep getting asked for blowjob information…Here’s a trick I like to use.

The adventurous girl should try lying on the bed with her head on the edge. The man stands next to the bed and straddles his partner’s head. If the man is very tall, or your bed is very low, you’ll need some pillows to get this right, otherwise it’s murder on the neck.

Once you have the penis in your mouth, you still have two free hands so use them! One hand can be used to stimulate his balls, perineum and ass and the other to play with yourself. This angle is great because it combines two of men’s great loves – watching a woman giving them a blowjob and watching a woman masturbate. It’s a bit tricky at first, so best to use this with a regular partner.

Fame! Anne does WineDaters for Capital D

Ooh clever…

I got invited along to a speed dating event called Wine Daters at Renards the other week. This is a novel take on the whole speed dating thang. You get to taste 6 different wines and chat to six different singles, each for around 10 minutes. So how did it go? Well, full report in HP soon. The evening was filmed for RTE’s Capital D. See Wine Daters for more info.