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Sun, Sex and Surfing… Sorta

Do you ever wonder about the sex lives of tabloid readers? I know I do – but then I am a nosy beeatch. Well, wonder no more – here are the results of The Sun Dear Deidre sex survey.

• One in three Sun readers have used the Internet to start a sexual relation and a massive 25% have used it to cheat.
• 10% of readers have had sex with more than 11 people that they met over the net.
• 80% surf for porn online. Soft porn is more popular among female Sun readers and 75% of male readers look for hardcore adult material. The blokes are a little coy about this through – two-thirds of men hide their online habits from the partners.
• One in three male readers think they are addicted to online porn, with 50% of under-19s thinking they may have a problem.
• Four out of five reckon the Internet has had a positive effect on their sex lives.

SJP Sex Doll

It’s not often you’ll find me feeling sorry for successful actresses, but poor Sarah Jessica Parker. Last October she topped Maxim’s Unsexiest Woman list, which you’d think would save her from the ignominy of being turned into a sex doll, but I guess plenty of lonely men disagree with Maxim’s readers.

Ok, now you don’t expect blow-up dolls to be the epitome of class, but c’mon! The “Sarah Jessica Porkher” doll loves “Sex in her Shitty.” Tacky. And that’s just the bad puns…

Kegel Exercises for Women

Like guys, girls can find their PC muscle by trying to stop peeing mid-stream. Or you can insert a finger inside your vagina and squeeze the muscles. You should feel a tightening sensation.

Exercise 1
In a sitting or standing position, clench your PC muscle. Hold for 5 seconds. Relax for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times. Work up to clenching the muscles for 10 seconds, taking a 10 second break in between each.
Repeat three times a day.

Exercise 2
Count to 10 (working up to 20). Clench and relax you PC muscle each time you say a number. Repeat 10 times.

You should notice a difference in 8 to 12 weeks.

Don’t practice Kegel exercises with a full bladder or while emptying your bladder. This can weaken the muscles and increase your risk of a urinary tract infection.


Ok, so the superslick Sabar toy looks like a lightsaber, but unfortunately it ain’t, but you could do like porn star, Mika Tan and use the real (well, sorta) thing.

Mika confessed to the Naughty American that’s such a Star Wars fan that she had relations – ahem – with her lightsaber and broke it. Feel the force… oh damn!

Whore vs Madonna. Opinions Please!

Hey all…

Seoige and O’Shea have invited me on to discuss whether or not men prefer “bad” girls for flings and “good” girls for relationships. Okay, perhaps that’s a bit of a simplistic way of looking at things… But does the fact that it is a cliché mean there is something in it? Gimme your two cents worth please!

I want one of these!

Check out this super slick looking sex toy. The Sabar is the creation of Michael Young, an industrial designer. As far as functionality goes, the Sabar is doesn’t sounds as impressive as it looks – simply hit a switch for more or less vibrations. But damn, it does look good.