Monthly Archives: January 2008

IEDR refuses says no to Porn

Last year Hot Press reported on the case of Steven Ryan who was refused permission by the Domain Registry of Ireland (IEDR) to register a site called Steven, not one to quit in the face of adversity appealed the decision but received a final “no” last week.Stephen Ryan
According to the IEDR, website addresses “must not be offensive or contrary to public policy or generally accepted principles of morality” but their remit does “not encompass the content that appears on .ie websites, the policies simply relate to the domain name itself.”Basically this means that IEDR can only rule on a name – for example if you wanted to call your site they could decide that the name in itself was contrary to our generally accepted ideas of what’s right or wrong. Thanks IEDR! That’s fair enough, but this hardly applies to ‘porn’ as a word.Ryan then decided to apply for a site called The term ‘pornography’ appears in any standard dictionary, does not incite hatred and is a term used by both those who are for or against explicit material.After over a year of legal arguments and appeals, the IEDR has stuck to its guns. According to Ryan, the IEDR seems to have interpreted “public policy” in the widest possible sense. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems to mean that the IEDR is now one of our official guardians of morality.Damn – bring back the church I say. Back in the bad old days at least we had public figures to rally against.

You just gotta love technology…

Think your lady friend may be playing away? Well, here’s you’re chance to pretend you’re a crack CSI detective with the CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit. Oh yes! Now you can check for the presence of sperm on your loved one’s smalls as the solution turns the evidence into a lovely shade of violet.

Scary stuff. But perhaps not as scary as WebWatcher. If your lady is smart enough to use condoms, you could always try this little beauty. It allows you to see every email and instant message your partner receives, check which websites they are visiting (damn, there goes the big birthday surprise gift) and, and record every keystroke they make.

And finally ladies and gentlemen you might like to consider the Bluetooth Spy. This little beauty allows you to spy on any bluetooth-enabled device such as mobile phones and laptops. You can read text messages, find out who your partner has been chatting to and, get this, make calls via the phone you have targeted.

I can’t believe this stuff is legal, but apparently it is. I see a resurgence in the popularity of carrier pigeons, Morse code and smoke signals…