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  • 03.10.13
    New Irish Sounds: Kevin Murphy Made In Ireland, New Irish Music | Comments Off on New Irish Sounds: Kevin Murphy
    The name: Kevin Murphy (not to be confused with hundreds of other people called Kevin Murphy). The deal: A singer-songwriter from Cork with Jeff Buckley-sized lungs, a knack for writing heavy-hearted songs and something of a potty mouth, Kevin Murphy is not hugely well known, except on Soundcloud, where his tracks have racked up listens in excess of 10,000. He's just released his debut album LoveHate (not to be confused with the RTÉ crime drama of the sort-of same name), a seven-song LP recorded in the UK with Belgian producer KONOBA, featuring the occasional cameo from Brighton singer Ellie Ford. The sound: I have little to ...
  • 03.22.12
    New Irish Sounds: Katharine Philippa Made In Ireland | Comments Off on New Irish Sounds: Katharine Philippa
    The name: Katharine Philippa The deal: Portadown singer, pianist and guitarist Katharine Philippa has been performing since she was old enough to squawk out a tune, but the Queen's University School Of Music student only got around to releasing her debut EP last year, at the ripe old age of 20. Operating within a genre she's dubbed 'Reflectivism', Philippa makes sensitive piano numbers, intense, looped ballads and soulful electronica, all of which can be heard on the EP in question, Fallen. The sound: Bright, dynamic, thoughtful alt. pop that's both lush and minimal, depending on what the melody calls for. And the girl's voice speaks for itself... Meanwhile, this remix of 'Whiter ...