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  • 02.06.15
    Dalymount Park to host an epic African Cup of Nations final party this weekend Entertainment & media | Comments Off
    Should you find yourself in need of a venue to watch the African Cup of Nations final this weekend, look no further than Phibsborough where Bohemians will be hosting a free shindig in their legendary ground Dalymount Park. While Ivory Coast and Ghana battle it out in Bata, Bohs are ensuring punters are treating to free food, bar promotions and some DJ's to accompany the action. There's not many places you'd get all that for free. Check out their Facebook page here.   Follow Rob Smith on Twitter (@robsmithireland)
  • 10.07.14
    So Roy Keane is releasing a new autobiography Entertainment & media, Republic of Ireland | Comments Off
    Republic of Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane's autobiography, titled "The Second Half", will be released later this week and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it is not without a few interesting revelations. One incident that sticks out is a bust-up between the Corkman and goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel in Hong Kong while on a pre-season tour in 1998. "There was drink involved," Keane writes.  “There’d been a little bit of tension between us over the years, for football reasons. Peter would come out shouting at players, and I felt sometimes he was playing up to the crowd: ‘Look at me!’ “He said: ‘I’ve had enough of ...
  • 09.10.14
    One Night In Istanbul to hit the big screen Entertainment & media | Comments Off
    Liverpool FC have this week via their official You Tube channel released the trailer for One Night In Istanbul. The movie is based on Nicky Allt's hugely popular play of the same name. It follows four Liverpool fans on a trip to watch the Reds play AC Milan in the memorable and unpredictable 2005 Champions League Final in the Turkish capital. Though it looks like only Liverpool fans would really enjoy it, it still appears to be some decent viewing. Check out the trailer below.   Follow Rob Smith on Twitter (@robsmithireland)  
  • 08.05.14
    Join the official Hot Press fantasy football league Entertainment & media | Comments Off
    It's August and normal service will be resuming very shortly and that means so will the fantasy football. Excited? We are. For those who were in the league last season, all you have to do is pick your team and once it's confirmed, you will automatically re-join the Official Hot Press fantasy football league. For those who weren't in the competition last year, but want to join us then here is what you must do: Go here to the official website of the Barclays Premier League. Register with the site (it takes around a minute). Pick your players and once satisfied with your selection click on ...
  • 06.09.14
    Join the official Hot Press World Cup fantasy football Entertainment & media | Comments Off
    So who is up for a World Cup edition of fantasy football then? I thought so. Here's how to join the official Hot Press World Cup fantasy football league in just three easy steps: Click here to go the Fantasy Football section on You will need to register, but it takes a minute. (Or less if you sign in with Facebook.) Once you have registered, select your team and then click here and join the league by simply clicking "join league" once you get there. And that's all there is to it. The format is the same - €100 million to spend on players. Some of the ...
  • 01.07.14
    A quick word about football with…The Mighty Stef Entertainment & media | Comments Off
    The blog recently caught up with Stefan Murphy, leader of Dublin's own The Mighty Stef. We had a quick chat about his fondness for Roy Keane, hatred for John Terry and why he is going to be a supporter of Borussia Mönchengladbach. Hello, Stef. What was the first match you ever went to? My Da played football right up into his 40's. One of my earliest memories is going to see him play for Glenmore Celtic, his team in the late 70s early-80's. I've probably have been to about 500 A.U.L. or Leinster Senior games by the age of ten which is ...
  • 12.16.13
    What we learned from the Keane/Vieira doc Entertainment & media, Superstars | Comments Off
    Did anyone catch the Keane/Vieira documentary during the week? My one-year-old didn't wake and let me enjoy ITV4's brilliant Keane and Vieira: Best of Enemies shown last Tuesday night. It would be fair to say that Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira never really saw eye-to-eye when they met on the pitch. Off it, as this documentary shows, the two stars still will fight their corner when speaking of past conflicts at Old Trafford or Highbury. But there is an enormous respect between the two men. Though it wasn't always that way. They are, in my view, very similar people. The first ...
  • 11.08.13
    We are 3! Entertainment & media | Comments Off
    Quick word, dear readers: this blog is now all grown-up and celebrating it's third birthday this week. Thanks for your continued support and the feedback I receive from each post. You are all legends. Normal service resumes tomorrow. PS - also celebrating his birthday today is Guus Hiddink. I'd like to think he'll be celebrating it in style like this.   Follow Rob Smith on Twitter (@robsmithireland)
  • 10.09.13
    My top 5 football books Entertainment & media | Comments Off
    OK, so it's not exactly holiday season, but that doesn't stop us from buying a good book does it? Take a peek at my top 5 football books: 5. Mad For It: From Blackpool to Barcelona: Football's Greatest Rivalries by Andy Mitten (2008) This is an intriguing account of some of football's biggest rivalries, written by the founder of the now legendary fanzine United We Stand, Andy Mitten. The Mancunian author has visited more grounds around the globe, covered more games and interviewed more fans and players than I have eaten hot dinners - he knows what he's talking about. Everything from ...
  • 09.09.13
    The best/worst online footy games Entertainment & media | Comments Off
    Bored at work? Or simply fancy your P45 a bit sooner than expected? If so, here are the best footy-related games on the world wide web. Sensible Soccer: FIFA 14 is as realistic as it gets? Bah! A 30 yard diving header into the top corner thank you very much! If you grew up in the early 90's, this was the greatest game ever. It still is. Football Agent: What does it matter if the player and his wife are settled with the kids put in the local primary school. Sell him! Buy the next Wayne Rooney. Just don't forget your imaginary ...
  • 08.15.13
    Join the Official Hot Press fantasy football Entertainment & media | Comments Off
    The English Premier League kicks off this Saturday and we would like to invite you to join the official Hot Press fantasy football league for a chance to win monthly prizes. If you haven't signed up and registered a team already all you have to do is: Head over to the Premier League's official site by clicking here and sign up. Start picking your team consisting of 11 players and 4 substitutes with the £100mil you are given (Fellaini is worth £8.5mil while Robin Van Persie is £14mil for example - but it's a lot harder than you think to get a perfectly balanced ...
  • 07.07.13
    A quick look at the best (and worst) football jerseys for 2013/14 Entertainment & media, Footy thoughts | Comments Off
    This blog doesn't usually comment on fashion but thanks to the multi-million euro industry that is replica jerseys, it's time we do. Indeed, with plenty of leagues' new seasons drawing near, we are treated to a slew of kit releases as we wait for the football to finally begin. Adidas seem to be doing this incredibly large v-neck design thing. As modeled by the Spanish national side amongst others. Fulham will be displaying this style in the forthcoming season. I have to mention Liverpool. A great club with great traditions. Their away kits baffle me. What do you think?   Rivals Manchester United get ...
  • 06.11.13
    Robin Friday: the first and last true rock-star footballer Entertainment & media, Mavericks | Comments Off
    The first and last rock-star footballer. I mean true rock-star footballer. One that wouldn't be out of place in the Rolling Stones' entourage circa 1971. Drinking, smoking, violence, arrests, drugs, chaos and women were all on the menu for former Reading and Cardiff City player Robin Friday. Despite causing quite a stir with an eye for goal and skills not too far from fellow hell-raiser George Best, it was his off-field antics earned him his cult status and was immortalised in the book The Greatest Footballer You Never Saw (which was co-written by former-Oasis bassist Guigsy). Now thanks to Superted creator and ...
  • 09.02.12
    Confessions of a secret footballer Entertainment & media | Comments Off
    You might be aware of the phenomenon that is The Secret Footballer - a pseudonym given to a current Premier League footballer that has been, for the past 18 or so months, confessing the inner workings of modern football at the highest level via a column in the The Guardian newspaper. It's fascinating stuff. But the book is truly something that all fans would need to read. I Am The Secret Footballer touches on many subjects about the beautiful game - from exactly how bonuses and specific tactics work to WAG culture and the champagne lifestyle. But what's most intriguing is that the player's concealed identity ...
  • 07.17.12
    The best (and worst) of football on Twitter Entertainment & media | Comments Off
    Like a lot of you, I use Twitter regularly. And amongst some of the musicians, news feeds and general reprobates that I follow, some current players, ex-players and ... well ... fake players of the beautiful game have also caught my attention. Here's some of football's most interesting tweeters. Joey Barton. (@Joey7Barton). Quotes from Morrissey and Nietzsche are just some of the things QPR's most famous scouser tweets regularly. Along with regular updates of his visits to museums and admissions to trying to get opposite players sent off, Joey is one that should be kept an eye on by most. Example tweet: “I ...